Category: Case studies


OSG Hungary exceeds expectations with Caldera

By Sebastien Hanssens

During the past decade, OSG Hungary has developed a wide range of activities related to out-of-home and retail solutions. Its aim is to help clients achieve their goals, no matter what field of business they occupy.


Pixartprinting: manufacturing success

By Sebastien Hanssens

Web-to-print giant Pixartprinting reveals how it’s using GrandRIP+ to drive its vast array of in-house wide-format machinery.


Macro Art’s world record attempt

By James Matthews-Paul

When Macro Art decided to break its own 2010 Guinness World Record for the largest film poster ever made, it looked to Caldera to provide the key ingredients.


In the pursuit of color

By James Matthews-Paul

“When businesses owners understand what and how they sell, they add a twist to their businesses and stop competing for price,” says Segra’s Raúl Rodríguez, CEO.


Kala wraps the boat

By Ben McCabe

Kala and Caldera come on board to help steer a French sailor to success, using the latest techniques to address the specific issues of wrapping a racing boat.