What you will read in gamut magazine #3


Enter the integrators

By Ben McCabe

Posted in : Industrial printing

For industrial projects the key lies in pulling together the separate hardware and software elements into a single production line. Ben McCabe meets the integrators.


Under the microscope

By Author undefined

Posted in : Workflow

Communication between systems is the most crucial element when it comes to keeping your workflow in top shape. We discuss the importance of software communications, which can make the difference in ensuring a print house attains maximum efficiency.


50 shades of gray

By Arnaud Fabre

Posted in : Rip software

When it comes to color management, it is all about control – as explained by Arnaud Fabre, Caldera’s color specialist.


From start to finish

By Sophie Matthews-Paul

Posted in : Workflow

Workflow is now one of the most popular words in wide-format print, explains Sophie Matthews-Paul – but why?