What you will read in gamut magazine #5


No one ink to do it all

By Roland Biemans

Posted in : Technical

Roland Biemans discusses the behavior and characteristics of the different ink types used across the field of digital textile.


The united colors of sport

By Sébastien Hanssens

Posted in : Technical

Sébastien Hanssens investigates the growth of the sports apparel market as printing technology changes what is possible, and as ‘sport’ itself becomes much more than just physical exercise or entertainment.


Color fidelity, the key to fashion printing

By Alison Belsham

Posted in : Applications

Caldera is behind French business TIL (Teintures et Impressions de Lyon), one of European digital print’s best kept secrets. Alison Belsham reports on a company with an impeccable heritage in its nation’s proud history of textile.