What you will read in gamut magazine #5

Fréderic Soulier

In conversation with Fréderic Soulier

By Alison Belsham

Posted in : Thought Leadership

As Caldera’s Chief Technology Officer, Fréderic Soulier has his finger on the pulse of all the latest technological advances as Caldera confirms its leading position within digital textile and, in particular, soft signage. Gamut’s Alison Belsham catches up with him.


Fabrics of the future

By Louie Conway

Posted in : Technical

If the fashion and creative arts can be relied upon for one thing, it’s embracing the new. Yet, compared with the seamless adoption of digital inkjet by the soft signage and promotional markets, fashion has been slow to catch on.


Space to think: color concepts

By Steven Harnie

Posted in : Technical

A command of color is vital to accurate production in textile – more so than other print workflows. Steven Harnie separates the options.