Category: Technical


The united colors of sport

By Sébastien Hanssens

Sébastien Hanssens investigates the growth of the sports apparel market as printing technology changes what is possible, and as ‘sport’ itself becomes much more than just physical exercise or entertainment.


Fabrics of the future

By Louie Conway

If the fashion and creative arts can be relied upon for one thing, it’s embracing the new. Yet, compared with the seamless adoption of digital inkjet by the soft signage and promotional markets, fashion has been slow to catch on.


Generation T-shirt

By Sébastien Hanssens

What used to be a single-color piece of apparel worn under shirts or sweaters has become an important element of style and personal messaging thanks to direct-to-garment, as Sébastien Hanssens explains.


Caldera explores… softproofing

By James Matthews-Paul

This article explains the reasons why printed color may not always match what the designer intended and how, via softproofing, it is possible to predict and correct documents before committing to a production run.


Climbing the color pyramid

By Ray Weiss

SGIA’s Ray Weiss discusses the operational aspects of color reproduction and how to define a good working process for digital textile.


Space to think: color concepts

By Steven Harnie

A command of color is vital to accurate production in textile – more so than other print workflows. Steven Harnie separates the options.


No one ink to do it all

By Roland Biemans

Roland Biemans discusses the behavior and characteristics of the different ink types used across the field of digital textile.


Black is the key

By Arnaud Fabre

Arnaud Fabre takes a close look at humanity’s fascination with the color black. Looking at science, society and the printing industry, and asks: why is black such a big thing?