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Fréderic Soulier

In conversation with Fréderic Soulier

By Alison Belsham

As Caldera’s Chief Technology Officer, Fréderic Soulier has his finger on the pulse of all the latest technological advances as Caldera confirms its leading position within digital textile and, in particular, soft signage. Gamut’s Alison Belsham catches up with him.


Soft signage: the state of the market

By Alison Belsham

As the popularity of soft signage continues its inexorable rise, Alison Belsham speaks to a number of professionals to get their take on the state of the market.


Digital textile printing: an opportunity, but not for everyone

By Lorenzo Villa

Market data portray a change to the landscape in which the growth of inkjet is exponential but it’s not as simple as buying a textile printer: there are many variants and ecosystems that must be considered first. Lorenzo Villa shares his experience.