The magazine

Gamut’s Objective

Today’s selling process is all about showing clients great applications and how new technologies can help them produce better and faster.

We decided to launch a magazine to help customers learn more about new innovations and new applications so they can visualize the great things they can achieve with all the new products being launched by companies such as Caldera and its’ partners.

Why a paper magazine?

Because a magazine should be a beautifully designed object that professionals will want to show clients or expose in their offices.

Magazine details:

  • Date of launch:  May 2018 at FESPA BERLIN
  • Periodicity:  Annual
  • Size:  22×29 cm
  • Pages: 62 pages
  • Quantity: 6 000

Trade show distribution

Gamut will be distributed at major Industry Trade shows and events.

Industry Leading Key Writers

  • Alison Belsham
  • Roland Biemans
  • Jochen Christiaens
  • Tansy Fall
  • Sébastien Hanssens
  • Elena Panciera
  • Mike Scrutton
  • Marcus Timson
  • Lorenzo Villa